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Pokeno water

Water should now be restored to all homes in Pokeno. If you are still experiencing issues, please phone 0800 492 452.


Friday 4 September 


We need to run a number of water shutdowns across the village today.

Be prepared - if you have running water please collect some now.

Bottled water is still available from the Pokeno Hall and outside 73 Great South Road; remember to bring a container for collection. This water is safe to drink.

If you can’t access water (no transport) and need some delivered please phone 0800 492 452 or message us on Facebook with your name, address and phone number and we will deliver some to you.


Remember to turn off your water heater.

- 10:00am

Thank you Pokeno for your continued patience.  If you are still having water supply problems please call 0800 492 452 to let us know so our teams can attend to it.

We have teams on the ground in Pokeno and are continuing to monitor the system.

We’ll keep you up-to-date of any further developments throughout the day so please check our website and/or Facebook.


Thursday 3 September

- 8:04pm

Thanks for all your patience Pokeno.

We have completed a temporary repair to the water network. We will be back onsite tomorrow to complete a permanent repair. This means we will have to turn the water off around midday, it should be back on by 3pm. We will keep you posted.

- 7:42pm

Water should now be restored to all homes. If you do not have water please phone 0800 492 452. Our team is still onsite to ensure everyone has water available.

Water may be discoloured - make sure you flush your water until it runs clear.


- 5:56pm

We're at Pokeno Hall with bottled water available for anyone in need. Please come and see us.


 - 5:03pm

Things aren't going as well as we hoped. In order to fix the water we need to shut it down.

The affected areas will be surrounding Marlborough Street and Selby Road but could extend further. If you currently have water please fill your baths and containers.

Water is still available at 73 Great South Road. A team are also on their way with a large supply of bottled water which will be available for anyone at Pokeno Hall from 6.30pm. If you have no water no means to get to one of our water sites please call 0800 492 452 and we will deliver water to you.