Stock on roads

Livestock Movement Bylaw

The Livestock Movement Bylaw outlines the complete restrictions on livestock movement in the Waikato district, and provides full details on the following:

  • Different types of permits available
  • Methods used by the council in order to prioritise the conversion of existing at-level crossings to underpasses
  • Responsibilities with regard to damage to roads
  • Reasons for revoking or suspending a permit
  • Relevant offences and penalties

Visit this page for more information about the Livestock Movement Bylaw 2011

Stock Movement Policy

The Livestock Movement Policy is aimed at protecting the safety of all road users, as well as protecting the road surface and council structures and utilities contained within the road reserve. The policy also aims to:

  • Prevent roads being used as races
  • Minimise inconvenience, nuisance and potential danger to all road users
  • Minimise impact on the environment
  • Reduce the number of stock crossings in the district

In order to achieve these objectives, it is necessary to phase out the majority of stock crossings over a ten year period to 2018, and have them replaced with stock underpasses.

Stock crossings that are allowed to remain, and other livestock movements on district roads, will be required to meet strict safety standards by way of an approved permit. Crossings will be monitored regularly for compliance with permit conditions.


A permit is required for all stock movement on our district roads. There are two types of permits available:

Livestock Diary Crossing Permit

This type of permit is required when a farmer wishes to take diary stock directly across the road on a regular basis. New diary crossing permit applications are evaluated against specific criteria and allocated a score. This score is used to ascertain whether the application can be approved or not. If approved, the permit will generally be issued for up to five years, after which it will need to be evaluated again.

  • Download the Livestock Diary Crossing Permit application form from our Forms page.

Livestock Moving Permit

This permit is to be used for multiple droves and/or infrequent non-diary crossings. This allows a farmer to move stock along and/or across a designated section or sections of public road in order to access different parts of the same property, or from one property to another.

This application requires an accompanying traffic management plan showing how the stock manager intends to meet the traffic safety requirements listed on the permit application form and any other special conditions that the stock manager, or Council considers should be included.

If approved, the permit will be issued for a period of one to five years.

  • Download Livestock Moving Permit application form from our Forms page.

Further information on stock moving permits and their requirements can be obtained by contacting the Permits and Bylaws Co-ordinator at our Ngaruawahia office.