Fees and charges

Fees and charges are used to assist the operation and maintenance of a variety of services provided to the community.

We set fees and charges on a user-pays basis to ensure that rate increases are kept to a minimum where possible. 

Fees and charges are reviewed on an ongoing basis. All fees are GST inclusive unless otherwise stated.


Current fees and charges

Development Contributions

Development contribution levies are paid by developers for the portion of Council infrastructure required to support growth.
The recent review of Council’s Development Contributions Policy clarified the technical aspects of Council’s existing development contribution regime and ensured that the policy complied with the legislative changes. This process did not result in a major change
of the 2015/16 Development Contributions Policy, although the appendices need to be updated to align with the assumptions and work programmes within Council’s 2015-2025 Long Term Plan.

A consultative procedure must be followed, as outlined under section 82 of the Local Government Act 2002, to amend the Development Contributions Policy. Council welcomes your submission on the proposed changes. The submission period will run from Wednesday 29 July 2015 closing at 5pm on Wednesday 26 August 2015. You can elect to present your submission in person to Council on Wednesday 9 September 2015.


Development Contributions consultation documents:

Any application for resource consent, building consent or service connection submitted on, or after 1 July 2015 will be subject to the conditions of the 2015/16 Development Contributions Policy.

If you would like to be kept up to date on the progress of this process please email us.

Confused about Development Contributions? Our FAQ page may answer some of your questions.


Current Development Contributions Levies, Maps and Work Schedule

Appendix 1: Development Contribution levies (2014/15 (charges include GST) – effective as at 8 September 2014)

Appendix 2: Catchment maps

Appendix 3: Community facilities work schedule (clause 8 (3) (b) (i) of Schedule 1AA of the Local Government Act 2002)


Previous Development Contributions