Public consultation

The Council regularly undertakes consultation on various issues. This page shows the issues currently open to consultation.You are welcome to make a submission online or using the submission form provided. Details are specified for each consultation.

Speed Limit Bylaw Amendment

Each year, based on feedback from the community, Council reviews speed limits and road activity across the district.

Our road safety team has reviewed a number of requests over recent months and have identified 16 areas requiring change, including the one below which will affect your community.

Open from 16/02/2015 to 16/03/2015

Plan Change 8 Technical Amendments

We are currently seeking your feedback on the proposed Plan Change 8 Technical Amendments. This is informal feedback, we will be seeking formal feedback in April where you will have a further opportunity to make a submission.  

Open from 5/02/2015 to 6/03/2015

Sports Park Reserve Management Plan and Reserves General Policies Management Plan

The Sports Park Reserve Management Plan will outline the future use and development of sports parks (including golf courses and tennis courts) administered by Council. Under s41 of the Reserves Act 1977 Council invites your suggestions to help develop these plans.

Open from 14/01/2015 to 20/03/2015