Chief Executive Performance Review Subcommittee

Location: Zoom - Audio-Visual Conference, Ngaruawahia
Date: 09:00AM Tue, 16 Jun 2020

The Chief Executive’s Performance Review Subcommittee has responsibility to coordinate and manage the annual performance and remuneration reviews of the Chief Executive.

The Subcommittee meets with the Chief Executive each year in:

  • June to discuss and agree upon a Performance Plan for the next financial year.
  • September to undertake a review of the Chief Executive’s performance against the agreed Performance Plan for the previous financial year, and to undertake a remuneration review based on the recommendations of the Remuneration Consultants.
  • February to undertake an interim review of the Chief Executive’s progress against the agreed Performance Plan in February.

Chair: Mayor Sanson

Deputy Chair: Cr Fulton

Membership: Mayor Sanson, Councillors Bech, Fulton, Gibb and Sedgwick.


Please note:

Due to Covid-19, we are using Zoom to record and live-stream workshops and meetings that are open to the public. These live-streams can be viewed on the Council's YouTube page.

Details of the Council and its agendas can be viewed on  the Council’s website

Video recordings of meetings can also be accessed on under 'Agendas.' below, after the meeting has been held.

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