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Service Request Transformation

The project to improve our Service Request system at the Council is underway.  The need for this improvement has been identified as a result of feedback from our customers, staff and elected members.

Our Customer Experience data provided us with feedback from our customers on their view of the service request process and system.

We have identified six key pain points from the data (see below) which we are looking to analyse and identify potential improvements. We would like to seek your views on the areas that would be most important to focus on for the greatest impact on improving our customer experience.


Six Key Pain Points

Lack of confidence in outcomes

Some customers said they are reluctant to make service requests because they have no confidence that anything will be done – this can be based on their own prior experience and/or visible ‘cues’ from around their communities of maintenance and repairs not happening.

Perceptions of poor internal management

There is considerable negativity from a customer perspective (among those that have made service requests) that there is inefficiency in the way in which service requests are managed.  Linked to this is a perception that staff do not have any information about the status of service requests (and that there is no information readily available for staff to access which will tell them where specific requests ‘are at’).

A lack of follow-up

Customers report that there is no follow up to the service requests they make such as phone calls not answered (beyond the contact centre) and/or messages not responded to.  Our customers report having to make repeated contact for the same issues.

A lack of clarity around timeframes

There are no resolution timeframes communicated to the customer and there are issues with different ways of reporting service request ‘completions’.

A lack of care

Customers perceive that there can sometimes be a lack of care in the way in which some service requests are dealt with, for example, that there are temporary fixes or patch jobs only (which is particularly the case with respect to roading).

Differences in prioritisation

Some communities feel that they are not prioritised or important to WDC in terms of service request resolution.  


Survey Form for Elected Members and Community Boards

If you could please take 2 minutes of your time to complete this survey, ranking these in order of importance.

For more information on the project or if you have any questions, please contact Ben Burnand via MS Teams message, or email