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We’re rolling out new loos in locations around the Waikato district and we want to hear from you.

We’re asking for input on a range of design options, including the building’s colour scheme, cladding and any extra amenities to ensure that the toilets we build suit the needs of the communities they are built in.

All toilet blocks include one accessible and one standard toilet, a veranda, and a service bay for maintenance. Each community will have slightly different design options to choose from, according to what’s available in each location.

Once we’ve heard from these communities, we’ll announce the top selection for each location and use that as our final design. We’re planning to install the first of these new blocks before the end of the year.

What is happening now?

After talking to members of the local communities earlier this year, we’ve confirmed the new toilet design for Tamahere and are working to confirm the toilet design for Te Kowhai. Pōkeno will be up next.


  1. TBD
    Tamahere - Construction coming soon
    We’re looking to install new toilet blocks in Tamahere later this year. Find out more on the Tamahere project page below:
  2. TBD
    Te Kowhai - Construction coming soon
    If you’re part of the Te Kowhai community, follow the link below to find out more information about your winning toilet design following consultation in July 2022. Next step – construction!
  3. TBD
    Pōkeno - Design coming soon
    We’re working with the Pōkeno Community Committee to decide what the new loos for this community will look like, where they should go and how many are needed. We’ll be able to share more information with you on what is planned for Pōkeno later this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly can we decide on?

We have a range of colour combinations for you to choose from for the external cladding, roof and doors of the toilet block. In some locations there is a choice between two roofline options (miner’s hut gable and monopitch), and additional amenities (water fountain and shower). We want you to be able to choose the loos that best suit your community.

Why are different designs available at different locations?

The toilets options available to each community have been selected based on the location and surrounding environment the toilet will be built in. The majority of design options are available to each community, however, features like an outdoor shower will only be an option in some locations that are closer to the beach.

Where are the toilets going in?

Will the toilets be wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The toilet block design includes one accessible toilet, and one standard toilet per toilet block. Some locations will have more than one toilet block.

Are you replacing existing toilets, or are these new additions?

Currently there are existing toilets at Pōkeno, which will be demolished and replaced. The toilets in Te Kowhai and Tamahere will be completely new additions. More information on each site can be found at the following links:

Te Kowhai



Why are you asking us about toilets?

We wanted to make sure the new toilet blocks meet the needs of the community who will be using them, so we thought – why not ask? Because you’ll be the ones using and looking at them.

Will the most popular design win?

That’s the idea. We’ll get a gauge of the most popular colours, designs, layouts and extra amenities using the survey, and then use this feedback in our final designs.

Will that same winning design be installed at every location?

No. We will choose the most popular design for each location, in order to meet the requirements of the community who will use it. Be sure to leave your thoughts on the design that will be used in your community by jumping into the online survey or by filling out a hardcopy survey available at locations in your community.

When will the toilets be installed?

We’re looking to start installing toilet blocks in Tamahere and Te Kowhai later this year and Pōkeno in early 2023. Once these are complete, we’ll start looking at other locations across the district.

Why is there no public consultation for the toilets in Tamahere?

With the restrictions in the Tamahere Village Design Guide, there were very limited colour, cladding and roofline options that we could provide for the community to choose from. We’ve been working closely with community representatives to make these few key decisions so that we can provide local loos that suit the needs of Tamahere.


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