If you would like to sell food to raise money for charity you need to sell food that is safe and suitable to eat.

What else you have to do to comply with the Food Act 2014 depends on the circumstances.

You don't have to register under the Act if you're selling food:

  • to raise funds for a charity, cultural or community group less than 20 times a year
  • provided by members of sports clubs, social clubs or marae – where food is not the purpose of the event
  • once in a calendar year at an event such as a local fair.

However, you will have to register under the Act if you're:

  • fundraising more than 20 times a year
  • catering events at clubs, or selling food at club bars or restaurants
  • bartering or exchanging food commercially
  • selling food commercially at fairs, markets, or community events more than once a year.

Use the Where Do I Fit? tool to help you find out what you may need to do.