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Team update

Building Consents team

In August David Bastion was appointed as Team Leader for our Land Development Engineers.  He comes to the role after a long association in the private sector and previous Council experience. You can read more about David below.

In October Jason Wright was appointed as Team Leader (west) for our consenting team. Jason has been in an acting role since April 2018. We welcomed Josh Caddigan into the planner role. Josh came to us from the University of Waikato. Sara Abusidou has also moved from her previous PEO role to a new planner role with the consents team.

With the continual growth and development experienced within the district, the team are busy in all areas of work. 

Resource consents

We are currently looking at how we can assist our customers during the consenting process, including improving some of our processes. We’ll keep you updated!

We are currently going through the process of merging the Planning and Engineering Officers (PEOs) into the Building Team. They will report to Leanne Beal, our Team Leader for the Building Review Officers (BROs). We are confident this will lead to even closer cooperation between the BROs and PEOs and enable consents to be processed in a more streamlined manner.

Our Building Team is currently recruiting for two 2 BROs to help us with the extra workload we see coming in the near to midterm future.


Staff Profile: David Bastion, our new Team Leader for Land Development Engineering David Bastion

David is our new Team Leader for Land Development Engineering. David has had a diverse and varied engineering career with a strong focus on design. He has more than 20 years of engineering experience in site investigations, transportation and safety design, land development engineering, project management, contract management, site monitoring of civil projects and Local Government engineering policy. He has previously worked in Local Government and engineering consultancies within the Waikato region,

Land development engineering requires an engineer to have a holistic view of a project and consider how new developments integrate within the existing environment. Consideration has to be given to the effects of existing infrastructure and adjacent land to ensure the current and future community can share positive outcomes rather than having to accept compromises.

“Growth in the Waikato District is putting a huge demand on the team and to keep on top of development. We want to work with our customers to get the best outcomes. Our customers aren’t just today’s individuals, but also the future community living and passing in our district. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and insights I have learned over the years. ”

Processing statistics

Here are the final stats for our 2018/19 financial year.

Fast-tracking infrastructure in Te Kauwhata

What's happening: Waikato’s strong dairying pedigree brings major players to the district 

Earlier this month Ports of Auckland (POAL) announced it had secured Open Country Dairy as its first freight customer. Open Country Dairy are New Zealand’s second largest exporter of whole milk powder and expect to be operating from the site in June 2019.

They are the latest in a number of new dairy leaders to announce their move to the Waikato district in the past three years. In February Synlait Milk announced their plans to build a $260m nutritional powder plant at Pokeno’s Gateway Business Park. They will be located near Yashili New Zealand’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which began operations in 2015.

Northgate Business Park:

  • Total 109 hectares
    • The first two stages of Northgate Business Park in Horotiu are nearly 90% sold,  according to project manager Graeme Lee. 
    • 22 businesses have either built or are preparing to build on stage one at the site
    • Ports of Auckland’s Waikato Freight Hub, which sits on 33 hectares, comprises stage two. It’s expected that the Waikato Freight Hub will bring more than 300 jobs to the district when it’s fully operational. 
  • Pre-selling has started on stage 3, the final 45ha of the development. 

Gateway Business Park: 

  • Total 80 hectares
    • The developers, Dines Group, say the land is now 95% sold 
    • Its anticipated that the new business will bring more than 1000 new jobs to the district.  

The numbers:

  • Overall Waikato District attracted 183 new businesses and 500 new jobs in the year to March 2018, with business owners rating the district a strong 8.6 out of 10 as a place to do business according to the Council’s latest annual report. The report says business and employment growth closely reflected the national average, while tourism spending in the district increased 12.2% to $128 million in the year to March 2018, outstripping a national increase of 8.3%.

A service centre is coming to Taupiri BP at Taupiri

Resource consent has been granted to establish and operate a service centre in Taupiri, directly off the roundabout at the start of the new road known as the Huntly Section of the Waikato Expressway.

The service centre will include a BP service station (including a truck stop) and a McDonald’s takeaway restaurant including drive through. Two other buildings have been consented to accommodate an additional 10 commercial tenancies.

Construction is set to begin in 2019. It will be completed before the Huntly section of the Waikato Expressway opens, which is scheduled for early 2020.


New Pokeno bridge

Work is progressing on the new link bridge between the Bartel and Hitchens Blocks in Pokeno. Recently seven 33m long beams were installed over the North Island Main Trunk Rail line. The Bridge will form an important link from the northern residential area to the new Hitchen block to the west and the Gateway Industrial estate to the south. The bridge has been under construction for the past 12 months and is due to open in January/February 2019. 

New retail shops in Pokeno Pokeno shops

A new retail complex is planned for 39 Great South Road, Pokeno.

This block of shops will contain one grocery store, one liquor store and three other retail stores. The shops will range in size from 95m2 to 135m2 in area. There will be 20 on-site car parking spaces. There will be areas of landscaping along both road boundaries.

The external colours of these shops will be consistent with the Pokeno Town Centre Architectural Form, Material and Signage Design Guide. The building includes a concrete block wall which has been designed to meet fire rating requirements.

The Landuse Resource Consent was granted on 13 July 2017.

Process focus: Update on the Proposed District Plan

The Proposed Waikato District Plan 2018 (Stage 1) was notified on 18 July and submissions closed on 9 October. The Proposed Plan combines both the Franklin and Waikato sections into a single district plan, with a consistent approach to development and growth across the district.

Our Policy team are now summarising the many submission points for Stage 1. Further submissions for Stage 1 will be called for once this summary is available.

Stage 2 of the District Plan Review is also currently in progress. This stage includes reviewing the issues relating to natural hazard risk and climate change.

Changes to be aware of

Wireless Telecommunications   

We now require hard wiring to wireless telecommunications in Residential Zones.

In the Rural Zone, we are placing a consent notice warning to future landowners to advise them that the Lot is reliant on a wireless provider for telecommunications, if a hard wire option is not available. Therefore the landowner should communicate with the wireless provider to ensure adequate capacity in the network for the location.

What’s changed? Previously we did not require consent notices if the wireless option was undertaken.

Below is an example of the new consent notice:

Consent Notice Conditions – Only for consent notices relating to Wireless telecommunications

(1)          If  hardwire telecommunications supply reticulation is not installed to the boundary of Lot/s x, the following condition shall be complied with on an ongoing basis and shall therefore be the subject of a consent notice registered against the relevant title(s) in accordance with section 221 of the Resource Management Act 1991:

(a)          No underground hardwire telecommunications supply reticulation is available to the boundary of Lot/s x, as confirmation was obtained from a telecommunications provider advising that provision for a wireless telecommunication connection is available to Lot/s x.

Details of the wireless services confirmation to Lot/s x are available within the application file SUBxxxx/xx held at Council’s offices.

Consent notices shall be prepared by Waikato District Council’s solicitor.  Please request your consent notice be prepared prior to requesting 224 approval.

New way to request duty planner info

Our Duty Planner service is in high demand! To ensure the most efficient service possible we’ve created a better way to lodge your requests. You can now send us your enquiry via our ‘request it’ portal on our website: Duty Planning Enquiry.

You can also email  with the details of your request.

Changes to the Land Transfer Act

Surveyors and developers should be aware that the new Land Transfer Act 2017 (LTA) commences on the 12 November 2018. A Factsheet can be obtained from Land Information New Zealand at

Christmas shut-down dates

Our statutory close-down period is from 20 December to 10 January (inclusive) for building and resource consents.


Building and resource consents - Helpful tips

Helpful tips and reminders

Here are some tips and reminders that we hope will make it easier for you when you are working with us, or when you are compiling an application.

Tips for works close to Council mains and manholes 

If you are undertaking work that is close to Council infrastructure (including earthworks) please be aware that there may be the need for Council to carry out CCTV work (pre and post works) to ensure that no has damage occurred. If damage does occur, it will need to be repaired at the cost of the applicant.

Earthworks undertaken within proximity to a manhole should not compromise the ability to access the manhole.

Building within 5m of infrastructure is generally discouraged as this practice severely limits Council’s ability to either maintain or duplicate the pipeline if required in the future.

If you are looking at building over or adjacent to pipelines, please refer to the Regional Infrastructure Technical Specifications (sections 5.2.9 – and contact Council to discuss this further. This includes works within the zone of influence. A generic process diagram can be viewed here. There is a process for dispensations to these requirements and an online application can be made here. Or alternatively the electronic form can be found here.

If in doubt, please contact us before you carry out any works in proximity of Council’s mains or manholes.

Permitted Boundary Activities

Since October 2017 Council has been processing Permitted Boundary Activities. However, we are receiving a number of applications that are incomplete, which can delay the processing or may even lead to a refusal. 

If you believe you qualify for a Permitted Boundary Activity you are required to complete the Permitted Boundary Application form.   If you are unsure you can contact the Duty Planner Service on 0800 492 452.

Here’s a friendly reminder about what must be included when submitting this type of application.

The application will not commence until all the above has been received.

If you are lodging your application at the same time as a building consent please ensure it is separated from the Building application. It must include the above document and the payment of $350.00.

If lodging as a separate application please lodge by email to

Completing your subdivision

Lately there’s been an increase in the number of incomplete subdivision applications we’ve received. This results in delays to the processing of your clients’ applications and it also impacts on other Council customers. This also results in re-work that is on-charged to your clients.

Please email all requests and documentation to Note: if you use personal emails your request will not be actioned.

To help us to help you please note the following:-

223 Certificate:

Please remember when lodging your 223 application release the E Survey in Land on Line.  (Note: if this is not released your application will not commence)

If there are conditions prior to 223 please ensure all documentation is included in your application.

Engineering Approvals:

When requesting an Engineering Approval please make sure that you provide details of the consent condition numbers that the request relates to.

224 Applications:

When applying for your 224 application we require the following :

All conditions are detailed and relevant documents included

  • If Legal Documents are required you must supply the applicant’s Solicitor name and address for service
  • All documentation must be supplied in PDF format and emailed to
  • Please do not apply for the 224 if you have applied for a Section 127 to change/cancel conditions of consent.

Note:  At any time Council can interim bill Engineering Approvals or 224 applications and these accounts must be paid on a monthly basis.

Top five reasons we’ve had to request further information for Building Consents

  1. Garage and Farm Building consents - All garage/sheds and farm buildings consents must include a drainage plan and details of how the proposed design meets the requirements for Building Code E2 with regards to storm water.
  2. Site plans - Adequate site plans to an appropriate metric scale of 1:200 or 1:100 and include a north point, showing all the legal boundaries of the site, and easements. Show the location and distances of all existing and proposed buildings, including accessory buildings such as sheds or garages, in relation to the boundaries. Show to scale.
  3. Producer statements are to be issued to the correct council ‘Waikato District Council’.
  4. Certificates of design works are to be completed fully and in-line with MBIE guidance.
  5. Bracing designs where applicable to be in accordance with NZS 3604:2011 5.4.5 and 5.4.6.

Swimming pool

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