You can get in touch with us to make a property information request. This includes requesting hard copies of property information and/or coming in to view large plan documents in our offices if you wish.

Our Property Information Officer is responsible for providing information from property or consent records and public access to online and offline files. Please read our liability statement below in relation to this service.

The types of information you can request and/or come in to view for a property or properties of interest include:

  • building permits, building consents, general plans and site plans 
  • our Council' 'laid drainage' plan if relevant
  • resource consents decisions
  • geotechnical reports
  • full property files.

Liability of property information

The Council does not warrant the accuracy of and disclaims all liability whatsoever of any error, inaccuracy or incompleteness of the information. No person should rely on any information without seeking appropriate independent and professional advice. The information provided does not constitute a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) or any similar document.


The cost for an appointment to view information at one of our offices is $50.00 as a one-off charge regardless of how much time you take to view the material, plus the cost of any photocopying of information that is carried out by you during the visit.

If you've phoned or emailed us to collect and send the information to you, then you'll be charged per half hour for our staff time in sourcing, collating and copying the requested property information on your behalf ($50.00 per half hour plus the costs of materials, photocopying etc.). 

For full details, see our fees and charges schedule.

Request property information/an appointment

If you need to come in to look at the information you're after, be aware that access to Council files is provided on an ‘appointment only’ basis. We'll do our best to make sure you get access to the information you want within 5 working days of receiving your request.

For providing hard copies of property information on request, the amount of time taken will depend on how much and what type of information you are asking for.

You can either:

Check out our office locations and our other contact information.

How to pay

If you've asked us to collect and send back the information to you, you'll be asked to pay for your information once it has been gathered and before you receive it. If you are viewing information in one of our offices, you can pay on the day for your appointment and any materials/photocopies you obtain during your session.

If not paying in person on the day, the easiest way to pay is online as it allows you to include the correct reference tag with your payment. This will ensure that it is identified and processed accurately and quickly. However, any of the payment methods below are acceptable.

  • Credit card (using our website form).
  • Internet banking. 
  • EFTPOS, cheque or cash at any Waikato District Council Office.

For property information requests, please use the following reference tag:  PROPERTY INFO REQUEST - (and property address and/or legal description if you have it).

See our website for full details on each payment method and how to PAYIT.

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