Pre-application service

Changes to the Resource Management Act came into effect on 18 October 2017. Click here to learn more about these changes.

If you're unfamiliar with applying for a resource consent, you should in the first instance contact one or our duty planners to discuss your needs. Phone our freephone  0800 492 452 or make a request for service.

You may also like to use our pre-application service outlined below. This service is particularly useful in ensuring that you provide all the information you need with your resource consent application.

Section 88 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) requires complete information to be supplied with a resource consent application. Identifying up front what you need to gather in relation to this will help avoid possible delays in obtaining missing information further down the track.

Building consents

If you're applying for a building consent (rather than a resource or subdivision consent), you'll need to follow a different process. See building consents, guidance and inspections for more information.

Cost of a pre-application service

Note that the lodgement fee for a resource consents pre-application service is $350.00.

This service includes one hour at no cost for work carried out by a Planner and up to two technical experts. Any additional time over and above the one hour free time will be charged at the relevant officer's hourly rate in accordance with the fees and charges schedule. It is possible that the charges for your pre-application request could exceed the lodgment fee paid.

The costs related to this service include but are not limited to administration, research, meeting time, writing and distribution of notes and any additional meetings.

How you will benefit

Using the resource consents pre-application service means you save time and money in the long run by:

  • enabling you to address any issues before you finalise your designs/proposal 
  • reducing the likelihood of your being asked for more information under section 88 of the RMA
  • providing an opportunity for you to work with Council to produce good quality outcomes and build relationships.

Steps in the resource consents pre-application service

1. Request the service

First, contact our duty planner to discuss whether pre-application advice would help you.

You can request a pre-application service by filling out the form provided below and emailing it to Provide us with as much information as you can about your project on this form as this will help us to tailor our advice to what you need.

Download a request for pre-application-advice' form.

If you don't need our pre-application service after all, see resource consents instead, where you'll also find links to resource consent forms and other information to guide you in your resource consent application.

2. Talk to our planners 

Once you have submitted your pre-application request, it will be reviewed by one of our consent team leaders and then allocated to a qualified Council processing planner who will manage it. The planner will discuss your proposal with you and organise any other staff that need to be involved in assisting you. We can confirm specific aspects of your proposal for you and talk you through the consenting process.

3. Get advice and feedback

You can expect to receive a variety of advice and feedback through our resource consents pre-application service, depending on what you need to know. This may include (but not be limited to):

  • feedback on draft designs early in the process to allow tailoring of the design and flagging potential matters for contention
  • information on infrastructure and services in relation to your proposal
  • advice on development contributions
  • advice on notification matters (when possible)
  • advice on the types of consents that may be required for projects and any requirements of the National Environmental Standards (NES) under the RMA which might apply to your proposal
  • advice on recent changes to the RMA that require Council to ensure that applications are of an acceptable standard (i.e. containing information that is compatible with the complexity and scale of the application).

Alternatively, see our information which details the resource consent process.


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