Inorganic collection FAQ's

What is inorganic?

An inorganic item is anything made of metal or any other inanimate product that is no more than two metres long and one metre wide and can be lifted by two able-bodied people.

How much can I put out for collection?

You can put out a pile of inorganic material that is no more than two metres long by one metre wide and one metre high. Inorganic material in excess of this will be left behind.

What happens if I put my inorganic rubbish out late, or someone puts inorganic rubbish outside my property after the collection date?

Collection vehicles will service each street/road once and will not return. Any inorganic items put out after your start date will not be collected. The property owner/tenant will be responsible for removing this rubbish. Please note, you risk being prosecuted for illegal dumping if items are left out on the road frontages.

Why can’t we put out fridges and freezers?

We aren’t collecting fridges or freezers due to the gas they contain and they are unsafe when compacted in the back of a refuse truck

What’s happening in Raglan?

There is no inorganic rubbish collection for the Raglan area.

What do I do with all my other rubbish?


This includes all organic material eg. Branches, stumps and garden waste. These can be chipped or shredded for use as ground cover and compost.


The council encourages residents to recycle. Your recycling day is on your rubbish collection day. You can put out: plastics (types 1,2 and 5 – see bottom of container); aluminium, steel and aerosol cans; glass bottles and jars; paper and cardboard. Recyclable materials including car batteries and scrap metal can be dropped off at the Huntly and Te Kauwhata refuse transfer stations.


Tyres can be dropped off at Huntly Refuse Transfer Centre for $ 10 a tyre – car size only.

If you have a larger quantity of tyres Waste Management can pick them up, but minimum pick-up is 100 tyres. This type of pick-up would cost approximately $3 per tyre.

Waste Management can be contacted on 0800 224 452.