The collection of stickered black bags in urban Tuakau will end on 13 June. Just to remind you this is a wheelie bin ONLY area as the community chose in 2016. This is how your service works: 

  • Weekly collection of your 120L wheelie bin with a $3 pre-paid sticker attached to the handle. You can buy these stickers and tags in the local convenience stores, service stations and selected Waikato District Council offices listed below:
    • Field Fresh - 53 George Street
    • Supervalue - 2 George Street
    • Ranch Rentals at Gull Tuakau - 118 Bollard Road
    • Village Food Mart - 46 George Street
    • Swann spice world, 48 George Street
    • Waikato District Council office - 2 Dominion Road

If you do not have a wheelie bin or if it has been stolen, you can order a new bin by phoning 0800 492 452. The cost is $47. The council contractor delivers the wheelie bin to your property.


If you have a question about this service please view the answers to frequently asked questions or phone 0800 492 452.

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