Resources for reducing waste

Our goal - working towards zero waste for the Waikato district

Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste has put together some tips to help you reduce food waste when you are cooking.

  • Plan your meals
  • Purchase ingredients that can be used in lots of meals
  • Be realistic about what you need - especially with fruit and vegetables
  • Buy dry goods (couscous, oats), spices, dried fruits nuts and snack foods from bulk food stores 
  • Choose frozen vegetables 
  • Go for prepared meals to reduce the waste of leftover unused ingredients

Freezing tips

  • Divide and conquer by keeping bread in the freezer, freeze half of your cheese and freeze the milk you won't use up!
  • Portion meat before freezing it
  • Freeze everything, you can take this quiz if you're not sure which foods can be frozen, take our quiz

Cooking tips

  • Cook once, reheat all week
  • Get to know what you need
  • Have a good rotation of go-to meals
  • Want to bake but don't want to eat a whole cake?

Find out more tips at

Check out some more meal ideas in the Summer Easy Choice cookbook.

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