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Better-off Funding application form

Waikato District Council encourages all applications, which includes, but is not limited to:
community groups, not-for-profits, iwi, and hapū for the Better Off Funding (tranche 1) by 5pm, Friday 19 August 2022. Please complete the below application and hit submit.

Please refer to the application guidelines on our website when making an application. A copy of the criteria and assessment matrix which applications will be assessed against can also be found on our website.

Project Summary

In this section, you are required to give details of the project being submitted. Please populate all the fields being requested as this information is crucial for the Assessment Panel.

Please consider the below as a guideline to help you complete this section:

1. Define what your project is and why it’s needed in your community.
2. Define what are your expected outcomes are.
3. Define what activities are in scope and if there maybe any out-of-scope activities within this project.
4. Define your project timelines and how far into the planning process you are.

Assessment criteria

Please explain how your project meets the following criteria described below.


Kia toitū te whakawhitinga ki te whakaheke i te ōhanga o te puha kia pūmau ki te huringa o te āhua o ngā rangi

Identify opportunities to improve energy efficient buildings, energy efficient transportation and projects that assist in the reduction of carbon emissions.


Kia toitū te whakawhitinga ki te whakaheke i te ōhanga o te puha kia pūmau ki ngā matepā o te taiao

Identify the natural hazards (e.g. coastal erosion, flooding, earthquake) of our district and build community resilience to manage them.


Kia āhei te hanga, ki te whakarahi ake i nga wāhi whare hou

Identify opportunities to enable growth of residential and commercial activity on undeveloped land.


Kia āhei te hanga, ki te whakarahi i ngā wāhi onāianei

Identify opportunities to enable redevelopment and or revitalisation of existing residential and commercial areas to meet the changing needs of the community


Hei awhina i te āhuatanga o te whakahaere, i te whakawhanake i te oranga o te hāpori

Support local initiatives that improve community social and cultural wellbeing.

Additional Information

Should you have additional supporting documents for your application, please email these through to along with this written application.

NB: A new application form must be completed for each separate project