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My Vaccine Passes 

My Vaccine Passes at Waikato District Council facilities

Why has the My Vaccine Pass been made a condition of entry?

New Zealand is transitioning to the next stage of its Covid-19 response, which involves learning to live with the virus in the community, while minimising the spread through safety measures and high vaccination rates.

The safety of our community and our staff is our priority, and by requiring My Vaccine Passes at most of our facilities we can continue services and activities across the district, while protecting the most at-risk and vulnerable of our community.

This decision was made by Elected Members at a Council meeting on 13 December 2021.

This decision will be reviewed when required. For example, if the Waikato District’s status (currently orange) in the Covid Protection Framework changes.

Where is the My Vaccine Pass a condition of entry?

The My Vaccine Pass will become a condition of entry for people over 12 years and three months old if they are visiting the following public facilities from 20 December 2021:

Libraries in the Waikato District (Ngaruawahia, Huntly, Raglan, Te Kauwhata, Meremere and Tuakau)

Swimming pools in the Waikato District (Huntly, Ngaruawahia and Tuakau)

Waikato District Council offices (Ngaruawahia, including Council Chambers, Huntly, Raglan, Tuakau, Te Kauwhata, Tamahere)

Raglan Holiday Park Papahua and Lake Hakanoa Motor Caravan Park

Raglan Museum (although My Vaccine Pass not required for information centre) and Coalfields Museum.

The Council-managed community halls in Ngaruawahia and Tuakau

Ngaruawahia and Pukekohe dog pounds

What about the community halls run by volunteer committees?

Council has decided that volunteer committees should decide how they want to manage the halls they run. But council does recommend that they use My Vaccine Passes. Council staff are working with committees through this process and will update the information on our website once it is available.

Do children have to be vaccinated to visit facilities?

No, children under 12 years and three months old do not have to be vaccinated to enter public facilities.

Do I have to be vaccinated to visit parks and reserves?

No, you do not have to be vaccinated to enjoy our parks and open spaces. We ask that you keep one-metres' distance from people you don't know and wear a mask in crowded places. If you are unwell, stay home and get tested.

What about events that are held in parks and reserves?

Applications for outdoor community events taking place on Council land (parks and reserves) will be subject to assessment under the Covid Protection Framework as part of the health and safety approval process conducted by Council’s Zero Harm team.  However, the onus is on the organisers of such events, and not Council, to ensure that appropriate COVID-mitigation measures are in place.

What about playgrounds?

No, you do not have to be vaccinated to enjoy our playgrounds. Children under 12 years and three months old do not have to be vaccinated to go anywhere.

Can I get an exemption?

Everyone who enters our facilities including staff and visitors, must be fully vaccinated. The only exception will be for those who hold valid vaccination exemption for medical reasons – the Government has stated there will be an exemption process to get certification for the small number of people who are unable to get a vaccination for medical reasons.

Can I produce a negative test instead?

No, a negative test is not an accepted alternative to a My Vaccine Pass. Vaccinations are widely accepted the best way to keep our community safe and protected from Covid-19.

I'm vaccinated but I left my pass at home, can I still come in?

We require official proof that you are fully vaccinated before entering public facilities, so unfortunately you cannot come in without a valid My Vaccine Pass. Please have your official My Vaccine Pass ready to scan or show a staff member before entering our facilities.

What if I don't have a smart phone or the app I need for the My Vaccine Pass?

You can print the My Vaccine Pass and bring this with you instead.

Will I get any refund on my rates if I can’t access Council facilities?

Rates paid for to fund our facilities are fixed charges based on calculations for expenditure throughout the year. This general charge helps maintain the public facilities whether you choose to use them or not. Rates are not discounted if you choose not to, or are unable to as a result of a vaccination choice, use the facilities.

Does it have to be a My Vaccine Pass, or can I show another proof of my vaccination?

Yes, you must show the My Vaccine Pass as proof of vaccination. The government has developed this as the most accurate way of proving vaccination records. For this reason, we will only be accepting the My Vaccine Pass as proof of vaccination. If you are vaccinated but do not have the pass yet, click here to find out how to go about it.

I don't believe in the vaccinations, why can't I come in?

Waikato District Council has made the My Vaccine Pass a condition of entry at most of its public facilities, aligning with the government's new Covid-19 Protection Framework.

By doing so, we can continue providing our everyday services and activities to the community while keeping our community safe.  

This change means we require everyone who enters our venues to be fully vaccinated, with the exception of children under 12 years and three months old and those who are unable to be vaccinated due to medical reasons and qualify for a pass via the official exemption process.

So, how can I access these services if I don't want to get vaccinated?

You can use many of our services – such as paying rates and borrowing items from libraries – without stepping inside a facility.

Our libraries will be operating a click and collect service from 20 December for those who are not able to access our libraries. For more detail please click here.

I'm vaccinated but don't know how to get My Vaccine Pass, what can I do?

There are three ways to get your My Vaccine Pass — online through My Covid Record, over the phone, and in person at a pharmacy. You can find out more about how to get it here.

Are all Waikato District Council staff fully vaccinated?

Council’s Executive Leadership Team made the decision on 14 December 2021 to implement its COVID-19 Vaccination Policy which means that all staff have to be fully vaccinated. The policy will be implemented immediately but the timeline for staff to be fully vaccinated is by 31 January 2022. In the meantime there is an interim measure in place that requires staff who are working from our offices and facilities to be fully vaccinated.

Will there be security at the facilities?

Yes, we will have security based at our facilities. We hope this will help our visitors and staff feel safe as we adjust to this change.

Do I have to wear face coverings inside public facilities?

Yes, please wear a face covering when inside our facilities. Our staff are all required to wear face coverings, too. This is to keep you, your whanau, and the community safe.  This is a condition of entry unless you have a health-related exemption.

If you have a health-related exemption, please let our staff know and make sure you have you exemption on-hand.