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Application for property inspection

Apply to become classified as either a selected dog owner or a farm dog owner.

Note: Each property inspection costs $20.

This application is for a: (Required)

Applicant details 

Applicant must be legal owner of the dog/s described below:


Dog details 1


Dog details 2

Dog details 3

Dog details 4


  1. Continue to meet the Waikato District Council ‘Approved Owner’ requirements, that is,
    1. To have good history for at least two years; including
    2. not have a dog impounded; and
    3. not be the subject of a justified complaint; and
    4. not be prosecuted for dog offences; and
    5. keep the Waikato District Council informed of changes of address or dog ownership, including pups born to the dog, through written advice prior to the new registration; and
    6. pay the registration fee before 1 August each registration year.
      (NOTE: These requirements must have been met in the two years preceding Selected/Farm Owner classification.)


Be a dog owner new to Waikato District and have a good dog owner reference from the previous local authority and continue to meet the Waikato District Council ‘Approved Owner’ requirements above.

2. Keep their dog(s) under control at all times.

3. Provide the dog(s) with accommodation that meets the standards required by Waikato District Council.

Do you agree to meet these requirements? (Required)


(above requirements must also be met)

  1. Carry out all home killing and the disposal and/or treatment of offal and trimmings, including the heads, of sheep and goats in an approved dog-proof enclosure or killing facility.
  2. Not feed or allow access by dog(s) to any raw offal or any untreated sheep or goat meat.
  3. Voluntarily carry out treatment of their dog(s) for hydatids and sheep measles as part of their regular worming programme from the owner’s veterinarian.
Do you agree to meet these farm owner classification requirements? (Required)
I understand that meeting the requirements above entitles me to a reduced registration fee under the Selected / Farm Owner Classification. I understand that if I do not continue to meet these requirements the fee may revert to the standard registration fee for the following year. (Required)