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Application for leak remission

Important Information

Leak remission for an undetected water leak against metered water use charges is for domestic customers only.

Your water bill may be the first indication that you have a leak on your property. If you have a significant leak, you may be eligible for remission through our leak remission policy.

Waikato District Council encourages customers to check for leaks regularly including through monitoring any significant changes to your water billing. The leak remission policy has been developed to provide remission for some of the costs that may be associated with water loss (leaks) and to acknowledge the prompt repair of the leak.

The leak remission application form must be completed by the property owner. Waikato District Council will only consider applications that involve an increase in billing of greater than 50% normal consumption (through leaks only).

Applications will be considered for leaks that are repaired within 20 working days of detection, and an application for leak remission received within six months of detection. This is to encourage water efficiency and the timely repair of undetected leaks.

A remission of up to 50% may be offered of the excess charge (measured by consumption caused by loss versus consumption during normal usage measured over the past two bills).

Waikato Ditrict Council will only consider leak remission applications that align to the Water Leak Remission Policy. If your application is accepted, you will be notified and the remission will be applied on your next bill.

For further information refer to the Water Leak Remission Policyand the Water Supply Bylaw 2014 (reviewed 2021)

Preferred method of communication (Required)

Location of connections


Checklist: required information

Please provide the following information as your application cannot be processed without it.


Your water use dial has stopped spinning


(please note: this photo may result in a water invoice being created)


(please ensure the invoice clearly shows all following information: a valid GST number; the name of the plumber who completed the repair; their contact details; the plumber practicing license number; and a comprehensive description of the repair work and materials used.)


  • The water is used for domestic purposes only.
  • I understand that leak remission is not used to subsidise a leak left long-term or unrepaired.
  • I have not received a remission on a leak on this metered water system within the past five years.
  • I understand that if I have another leak within the same water meter, I will not be able to apply a second time, unless the entire supply line between the point of supply and the dwelling has been replaced.
  • The leak or water loss was not caused as a result of a wilful act and the leak has been repaired.
  • I understand that I am responsible for maintaining after the point of supply all water pipes, fittings and /or plumbing and ensure that it is in working order.
Declaration (Required)