Application for water relief

Important Information

We offer a one-off water relief credit for undetected leaks that are repaired within 12 months of leakage. This is to encourage water efficiency and the timely repair of undetected leaks.

This form must be completed by the property owner. In order for the Council to consider water relief the undetected water leak must be verified and the loss must be greater than 50% of normal consumption bill.

Credit will be 50% of the excess of charges (measured by consumption caused by loss versus consumption during normal usage). Council approves water credit at its discretion. If we accept your application, you will receive a credit on your next bill.

For further information refer to the Water Supply Bylaw 2014.

Preferred method of communication

Location of connections


Checklist: required information

Please provide the following information as your application cannot be processed without it.


Your water use dial has stopped spinning

Please ensure you tick the checkbox to show you have attached the following: Plumber invoice OR other AND photo of Water Meter Reading after repair.
Attach invoice or documents showing details of repair

If these are not available provide written statement of repairs.

Photo of Water Meter Reading after repair

(please note: this photo may result in a water invoice being created)

I understand that water relief is not used to subsidise a leak left long-term or unrepaired
I understand that if I have another leak within the same water meter, I will not be able to apply a second time as this can indicate a faulty system
I have not previously received a remission on a leak on this metered water system.
The leak or water loss was not caused as a result of a willful act and the leak has been repaired
I understand that plumbing works within my property are my responsibility.