Below you will find a link to the online submission form and instructions on how to make a further submission.

Make a Further Submission


Instructions for making a 'further submission'

Step 1- Preparation for making a 'further submission'

The Summary of Submissions report, grouped either by plan chapter or by submitter number, can be downloaded from this page here.  Review the summaries to determine if you want to make a submission to support or oppose any of these submission points

REMEMBER to check if you meet the requirements to be a further submitter.   You are entitled to make a further submission if you can demonstrate a special interest in the Proposed District Plan (according to RMA schedule 1, clause 8).

So please take care to show that you are either;

  • a person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest, or
  • a person who has an interest in the proposal that is greater than the interest the general public has.


If in doubt, please simply make a further submission and the hearing panel will decide whether it can be considered.



Step 2- Research

Find and read the original submission to which you want to make a further submission, as the original submission may contain additional supporting documentation. You can search the original submissions here. You can search for a submission by the name of the submitter or by the plan chapter.  Download the original submission so you can refer to it while you are making your ‘further submission’.

step 2

Step 3- Register to make a 'further submission'

We recommend you register and create a profile for making a submission here, especially if you think it will take you some time to complete it. 

Step 3

If you register, you can save your submission and come back to it later. When you return and log back in, you will be able to find your submission and either edit it and re-save it, or discard it, or submit it.

Step 3.5

Step 4- Make a further submission

Complete the form that contains your details and the answer to the question relating to your eligibility to make a further submission, then go to the second tab on the submission page called 'Original Submission' (see the image below).

Identify and select the submitter of the original submission, and the specific point you wish to make a further submission on.  You may want to submit on more than one of the points in the original submission – if so, you need to address each point separately on a point- by-point basis.

Select your position and complete your response, then click the SAVE button.  This will add your submission point to your list of submission points.

step 4

If you want to discard this point click the Clear button or Clear and New to start a new response to the same submission point.

You may choose to upload additional information or a pre-written ‘further submission’ by clicking on the fourth tab ‘Supporting Documents’ and selecting the appropriate document from your files.

step 4.5

Step 5- Review and edit your submission

Review your ‘further submission’ points from the third tab called ‘My Submission points’.  Selecting a point here will take you back to the screen to edit and save changes to your point or you can choose to discard a point made in error.

Once you have completed your details and have at least one ‘further submission’ point or uploaded response you are now able to send us your submission.


Step 6- Send us your 'further submission'

Once you have completed your submission go to the fifth tab ‘Submit’ and click on the submit button.  This will send us your ‘further submission’, and it will also automatically email you a copy.


Step 7- All done!

You will receive an email with a copy of your submission to confirm you have successfully made a ‘further submission’.  Once we have processed your further submission, we will send you a letter confirming your submitter number and any other important information.

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