We have encountered some issues while processing the submissions made to the Waikato District Proposed District Plan (Stage 1).There will be some submissions that will need to be added to the published documents. This means we have chosen to extend the deadline for making a further submission. If you were intending to make a further submission this will give you more time to do so.

We are working through the specifics and hope to write to you soon to let you know what the new further submission deadline is.


We received nearly 1,000 submissions on the Proposed Waikato District Plan 2018 (Stage 1) last year.  We have summarised these submissions to identify the decisions being requested by each submitter.

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Summary of Submissions

The Summary of Submissions has been organised in three ways (by the submission number, submitter name and by category/chapter) so that you can search for a submission.

Note: If you are using a desktop computer and once you have a report open, select CTRL + F on your keyboard to narrow down your search.


List of submitters

Click on the link below to see the full list of submitters. Each submitter has been assigned with a submitter number.  You will need this information if you wish to make a further submission.

Submissions Map Tool

If you are interested in viewing the location of the requests for rezoning and changes to map overlays, please click on the button below.

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