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Providing value for money


Why focus on this?

It is important that we provide value for money because it is your money.

We are here to deliver results for you and your community and we will do this in an open and transparent way. 

We understand that affordability is an important issue for you and your community so we will spend every dollar as if it’s our own.

How will we know this has been achieved?

When you look back in 10 – 20 years’ time you will see we have provided core services and met your needs in the most cost effective way.

We will have looked to do things better whilst reaching out to others to learn lessons from those that have already made improvement and represent world best practice.

We are always reviewing the way we do things and constantly looking for improvement and efficiency gains.  We’re agile, open minded and transparent which means having the ability to change quickly to meet the needs of you and your community. 

Our partnerships, and outsourcing where appropriate, are delivering quality services.