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Sustaining our environment


Why focus on this?

Our natural environment is part of what makes living and visiting the Waikato district so special. 

It is worth protecting our natural environment because without it we will not thrive.

How will we know this has been achieved?

When you look back in 10 – 20 years’ time you will see we have invested in the appropriate technology to reduce our environmental footprint and operational costs.

This will include your communities’ water, waste water systems and services that are designed with sustainability in mind.

We will have contributed to the improved health and sustainability of water resources by considering them in our decision making as well as encourage more environmentally sustainable practices, including water capture, storage, and reuse of greywater. 

There will be more sustainable transport options including public transport, an electric charging network and cycling thanks to our partnerships with other organisations.

You will see we have worked with our community, industry and business to advise and educate on how to minimise environmental impacts.

We will have pursued and promoted sustainability ideas and managed regulatory process to safeguard and improve our district.