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Supporting our communities


Why focus on this?

We will focus on supporting communities because you and your community matters.

We want to support everyone, not just the loudest voices because we all want to live in open and complete communities.

The Waikato district is open to everyone and we are here to serve you all.

How will we know this has been achieved?

In 10 – 20 years’ time you will see we have made decisions only after considering the impact on your communities. 

Communities will have grown as houses are built and our ambitions and planning have not outstripped the ability for you to pay.

You will continue to have a choice about what type of community you live in, including the country side, villages, small towns and larger towns.

We will also be seen as a partner in the community that helps to ensure your voices are heard and we will be aligned with groups and agencies that support your communities. 

We will have been successful in securing partnerships including government assistance to deliver programs and we have a plan long term (30yrs+) for a diverse range of developments that will provide quality diverse communities.