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We have put together a district map tool to assist you to identify the location of land where submitters:

  • Seek a change of zoning to the land; and
  • Seek changes to the map overlays including Significant Natural Areas (SNAs), Heritage Items, and Landscape Areas.   

We are not required to provide the map tool, however they may assist you (particularly affected landowners) to decide whether or not you wish to lodge a further submission on the notified Proposed District Plan (Stage 1).

The map tool enables you to select a property or area to find out whether a submission relates to that particular property or area.


What the map tool does not show

The map tool does not identify submissions which:

  • Seek to retain the zoning as shown in the notified Proposed District Plan; or
  • Have requested overlays be deleted in their entirety across the district; or
  • Where zones or overlays are requested to be added or deleted but the spatial extent in the submission is not clear / specified

Go to our 'Submissions search tool' to search the original submissions for change requests to zoning and/or overlays. 


The mapped areas shown in the map tool correspond to areas/locations described in the submissions used by Waikato District Council to develop this tool.  Not all areas subject to submissions requesting changes to zoning and/or overlays have been mapped because the information provided in some submissions is not specific or certain enough for Council to map.  It should be noted that some of the mapped areas are indicative only, reflecting the nature of the information provided in the submissions.  Waikato District Council has used its best endeavours to interpret the relief sought in the submissions relating to zoning and overlay changes and to show the areas subject to zoning and overlay changes in the map tool.  However, Waikato District Council cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information shown in the map tool.  Waikato District Council is not liable for any errors, defects, emissions, claims or losses suffered by any person who seeks to rely on the information shown in the map tool, for any purpose whatsoever.  It is recommended that all persons using the map tool refer to the original submissions for full details of the zoning or overlay changes that relate to a particular property.