The Waikato district is vulnerable to a range of natural hazards including flooding, earthquakes, coastal hazards, land instability and subsidence.  Stage 2 of the District Plan review has carried out a review of all objectives, policies and rules of the district plan relating to natural hazards and as part of this process, technical assessments and modelling have been used to help identify the type, scale and frequency of the natural hazards that affect the district.  Where possible, hazard areas have been mapped to determine where development controls are needed. 

Climate change is closely linked to natural hazards as it will increase the likelihood and intensity of weather related natural hazard events.  Climate change is also considered the cause of increasing mean sea level and this is likely to result in increasing the scale and frequency of coastal hazards.  The effects of climate change have therefore been considered when assessing river flooding and coastal inundation and erosion.

The Draft District Plan (Stage 2), including the variation to the Proposed District Plan (Stage 1) was completed in September 2019.  The purpose of developing a draft version was to give you the opportunity to view the documents and provide feedback.  This is an important part of the development of the district plan because the information received helps to inform the final drafting of the plan before it is publicly notified. The draft was made publicly available from 30 September 2019 for one month.


Where we are at in the review process

Stage 2 - timeline

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