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Wastewater Activity Management Plan

The purpose of this activity management plan (AMP) is to formally document the management philosophy that is applied to the wastewater infrastructure assets and the provision of wastewater services. This approach ensures that acceptable levels of service are provided in the most cost effective manner and contribute to the achievement of the Long Term Plan 2015-2025 (LTP).

This long-term planning approach is considered necessary given the large capital and operating expenditure expected, the long lives of the assets and the lead times in planning for upgrades, replacements and the purchase or building of new assets. This AMP also aims to demonstrate that the service potential of wastewater assets is being maintained.

This AMP is based on Council’s Activity Management Policy which aims to provide an intermediate level of asset management for this activity.

Asset Managers are committed to the preparation and implementation of sound AMPs for Wastewater infrastructure. The magnitude of this investment necessitates careful asset management.