Waikato District 2019 Speed Limit Review

Waikato District Council is undertaking the final year of its three year programme to review speed limits throughout the Waikato District.

The areas to be primarily reviewed this year are the Newcastle (Ngaruawahia, Te Kowhai and Whatawhata areas) and Raglan wards. 

Please note this is key stakeholder early engagement and we are not seeking wider public feedback. Some of the proposed speed limit changes shown are unlikely to go ahead as road safety projects are currently underway that will likely negate the need to reduce speed limits in particular; Buckland Road, Harrisville Road and Hakarimata Road. We will review the speeds on those roads in the future.

Overview of Year 3

A section of Tuakau’s existing residential area is also being reviewed for support as a slow speed area. These roads are in older layout sub-division with wide corridors and engineering works will be installed to support the proposed lower speed limits to ensure that the roads/routes are considered to be self-explaining.  We have included some options of these engineering works on those particular roads on the drawings on the webpage. We will be progressing other similar style suburbs in the future once funding for engineering works have been programmed

This year the review will follow the same theme as last year with residential areas being targeted for 40km/hr in line with our goal of safer speeds where we live. Reducing the speed from 50km/h to 40km/h significantly reduces the likelihood of death/serious harm in our community from 70-80% to 23-26%. 

Speed limit review

In particular, Raglan, which has an extremely high walking cycling communities during summer months. Raglan has only one main road (SH23) and 2 minor roads (metal) entering the greater township and a whole of town approach is being proposed to support the extensive walking cycling community. Additional walking cycle ways are planned for construction 2019/20 and 2020/21 and the lower speed environment will support these community facilities and encourage walking and cycling, significantly reducing vehicle use.

Raglan’s CBD is much like busy town CBD’s, has disproportionately high numbers of walking/crossing pedestrians. A 30km/h Speed zone is proposed similar to what has been successfully operating in Hamilton’s CBD. This reduction in speed reduces death and serious harm risk from 70-80% to less than 10%.

Rural residential areas are focussed with 80km/hr speeds limits where either development levels or road conditions mean that a lower than open road speed is desirable. Some roads in the Rotokauri and Whatawhata areas are being considered for speed limit changes (80km/h) as NZTA will be undertaking their proposals this year to lower the speed limits on SH23 and SH39 , avoiding undesirable higher speed limits on local roads than the state highways they connect.

In keeping with our process we are seeking initial comment and support from our key stakeholders as part of our early engagement. 

View the proposed changes

If you have any issues with accessing the maps please contact Gareth Bellamy.

Share your comments and feedback

Please note that this is our initial draft proposal and not intended for public viewing at this stage, there are likely to be changes to the final documentation that goes out to public once early engagement is completed. 

We would appreciate your feedback as a board/group (one feedback submission please, representing the views of the board/group) by Friday, 16 August 2019, completing either the attached form or online form.


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