Development Contributions Policy review

Under the Local Government Act 2002 and its amendments Councils development contributions policy must be reviewed every 3 years. Any revision to the Development Contributions Policy will take effect from 01 July 2018.

  • There have been no legislative changes since we adopted our 2015 Development Contributions Policy.
  • The proposed wording changes are for clarity only and there are no proposed changes to the methodology.

Since July 2015 Council has received one formal objection and 43 requests for Reconsideration which is a small percentage of our overall consenting activities. The wording changes and clarification in the draft policy have come from assessment of these requests and cover tiny houses, aged persons facilities, existing credits, special assessments, and travellers accommodation

*Note; This review is of the Policy wording only so no appendices have been included at this stage. The new Development Contributions Levies and related appendices will be consulted on as part of the fees and charges under the Long Term Plan so look out for these in April/May 2018.



Consultation closed on 23 February.