Proposed Community Hub in Port Waikato

You may be aware that the current Port Waikato Hall is under threat from erosion. At some point in the future it will not be safe for the public to use the hall.

You also may remember that Waikato District Council spoke to the community a couple of years ago about potential options to replace the hall.

At that stage the community indicated it would prefer a new hall to be built on the site of the rugby grounds at Albie Phillips Reserve.

It became clear that the cost of the work to build a new hall and associated earthworks would have been cost prohibitive to the local community.

Since then a proposal has been put forward by the Sunset Beach Lifesaving Charitable Trust to turn part of their new clubrooms they are going to build into a Community Hub.

The Port Waikato Residents and Ratepayers Association and the Port Waikato Hall Committee held a community meeting recently where Malcolm Beattie of the Sunset Beach Lifesaving Charitable Trust outlined his vision for the Community Hub.

There was almost unanimous support from the 80 people at the meeting that the proposed Community Hub would be an ideal replacement for the Port Waikato Hall when it is no longer able to be used.

Waikato District Council has shown its support for the Community Hub proposal by issuing a $100,000 grant towards the project, should it go ahead. This will not have an impact on the targeted rate paid by ratepayers in the Port Waikao Hall catchment area.

Council also agreed it will provide a $500,000 loan over 25 years, subject to the local ratepayers agreeing to an increased targeted rate which will be used to pay back the loan.

If you’re a ratepayer living in the Port Waikato Hall catchment area, or own a property in this area, you pay $25 annually in rates, which is used to contribute to the operating costs of the Port Waikato Hall.

To enable the Community Hub project to go ahead you will need to agree to an increase in that annual rate of $100 (the equivalent of paying an extra $2 a week).

This would bring the annual targeted rate to $125 for the next 25 years, starting in 1 July 2019 - $100 to pay back the loan and $25 to contribute to the operating costs of the Community Hub, should it go ahead.


Consultation closed on 10 September 2018. Thank you to everyone who made a submission.

Your submissions will be presented to Council later this year.

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