Reserve Management Plan

Submissions have now closed.

Waikato District Council drafted a Neighbourhood Parks Reserve Management Plan in accordance with the Reserves Act 1977. The plan covers over 50 parks and reserves across the Waikato District.

Management plans are helpful because they identify appropriate uses of each reserve and outline development and management of parks into the future.

The draft Neighbourhood Parks and Reserve Management Plan provides you with the opportunity to provide comment on how you would like your neighbourhood park to be managed and developed.

Neighbourhood parks are spaces primarily used by local communities for casual recreation, play, relaxation and community activity. They often link to other areas, are a quiet open space and often include walkways and playgrounds.

Consultation Summary

The draft plan was notified for public consultation on 20 April 2016, with submissions closing on 24 June 2016.

In total, 21 submissions have been received on the draft plan, with 8 submitters indicating that they wish to be heard. Submitters commented on a variety of issues associated with the draft plan. 

Staff have considered each submission and have provided a response to each of the points raised.

Next Steps

A hearing is being held on 21 July in the Council Chambers in Ngaruawahia.