Reserves and Beaches Bylaw

Submissions have now closed

Have we got it right for you?

We’re reviewing our Reserves and Beaches Bylaw. The Bylaw enables Council to control certain activities surrounding reserves and beaches administered by Council, e.g. litter and pollution, animals, vehicles, property damage, public disturbance, fire arms and commercial activities.  

So what does this mean for you? 

Here's what we currently do:

  • Have two separate bylaws to regulate cemetery activities in Waikato District – the Waikato District Council Reserves & Beaches Bylaw 2008 and the Franklin District Council Beaches Control Bylaw 2008.

We're proposing the following changes:

  • Moving from two separate Bylaws to one single district wide Bylaw
  • Introduction of a consistent approach with the neighbouring Auckland Council in dealing with vehicles on beaches.

Consultation Summary

The proposed bylaw was notified for public consultation on 20 April 2016, with submissions closing on 20 May 2016. 

In total, 15 submissions have been received on the proposed bylaw, with 2 submitters indicating that they wish to be heard. Submitters commented on a variety of issues associated with the proposed bylaw. The main points of concern include:

  • Comments relating to whether vehicles should be allowed access to beaches, including which types of vehicles and under what circumstances.
  • Comments relating to dogs in reserves (addressed in the Dog Control Bylaw).
  • Promoting initiatives to protect the environment, e.g. vehicles away from dunes.
  • Promoting initiatives to discourage antisocial behaviour, e.g. vehicle speed limits.

Staff have considered each submission and have provided a response to each of the points raised.

As a result of the submissions minor changes to the clauses in the bylaw have been recommended.

Next Steps

A hearing is being held on 22 June in the Council Chambers in Ngaruawahia.