Tamahere recreation reserve - proposed targeted rate

The Tamahere Village Zone (including the commercial development, the recreation reserve and piazza) was created through a District Plan Change and is included in Council's Long Term Plan.

It is bordered by Devine Road, Airport Road and Wiremu Tamihana Drive and is situated alongside the school and community hall.  

Preparatory earthworks and drainage for the recreation reserve's sports fields is complete with the main stormwater pond now in and fenced.  

The Tamahere Community Committee has led the first stage of tree planting along the recreation reserve boundary and grass has been sown on the sports fields.  

Community engagement undertaken during the design process indicated that the Tamahere community wanted more and better facilities incorporated into the development of the Recreation Reserve and Piazza than what Council would normally fund.  

As a result of this desire, the additional funding to achieve this level of facilities would need to be paid for through a targeted rate for ratepayers in the Tamahere Ward. 

With that in mind, view the draft overall concept to give you an idea of what the reserve may look like if option 1 was chosen and a concept plan of the piazza area.

Consultation results

Council sent out 1,713 feedback forms to ratepayers within the Tamahere Ward. Feedback forms were also made available through the Council website and through the Tamahere Community Committee (TCC).

We received 690 responses with the majority of respondents supporting the higher standard of facilities and new targeted rate. That is:

  • 443 supported Option 1 – the higher standard of facilities and new targeted rate
  • 244 supported Option 2 – general standard of facilities with no further funding required
  • 3 did not indicate Option 1 or Option 2

The results were discussed at the September Strategy & Finance Committee meeting. As a result a resolution was passed to support the majority outcome from the community consultation, and therefore the inclusion of the new targeted rate in the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan.

Consultation closed at 5pm on 25 August.

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