Waikato Integrated Land Transport Strategy

The Waikato Integrated Land Transport Strategy (WILTS) sets out the high level direction for our transport network over the next 30 years. The Waikato District has challenging road and roadside environments where driver behaviour and driver error result in a high number of fatal and serious injury crashes. 

Also, some communities are growing so rapidly that the impact of planned and unplanned growth is leading to a reduced level of service on the transport network. 

The construction of the Waikato Expressway is leading to changes in travel demands and patterns and an increase in the size of the local road network as a result of vested state highways. This is resulting in higher management costs. 

Additionally, unplanned events can cause road closures resulting in loss of access and delays for the movement of people and goods. 

The district has limited funding and therefore needs to have a strategic approach to the large operational and capital expenditure to maintain, replace and create new infrastructure assets. The strategy is also guided by the current Government Policy Statement on Land Transport (2015/16 – 2024/25), the Regional Land Transport Plan (2015 -2045) and the District Development Strategy (2015).

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