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Port Waikato - Cyclone Gabrielle update

The community at Port Waikato has been heavily impacted by the severe weather events over the past few weeks and we wanted to acknowledge the fantastic mahi that the community have been putting in to support each other during this time – ka pai! 

What’s been happening?

Alongside the residents who were evacuated on Monday 13 February, further homes were evacuated on Maunsell Road last night, Tuesday 14 February due to safety concerns raised following an initial Geotech assessment which looks at the stability of the ground.

Since then Council Building Inspectors and engineers have been on site at Maunsell Road carrying out property assessments and stickering properties where needed.

At the moment there are 7 red stickered properties, 13 yellow stickered properties and 18 white stickered properties – the majority of which are on Maunsell Road.

It is important to note that this number of stickers applied may increase or decrease depending on what is found out through continuing monitoring and assessing of each site.

We have been in communication with MBIE for assistance with rapid building assessments. For our ongoing monitoring we have received help from MBIE who have supplied extra assessors. 

Red and yellow stickered properties

A number of properties have been stickered following a rapid assessment by Council building inspectors and an independent geotechnical engineer.

We acknowledge that this is a worrying and frustrating time for those people.

The following information is designed to help people through the process of having those properties re-assessed, with the ultimate aim being to be able to get back into those properties where possible.

View more information

What to do if you need support

Our team will be in touch regularly with impacted residents. There are also a number of other support options available. 

  • The Ministry of Social Development has set up a dedicated floodline for those in need of financial support as a result of the floods. Please call them on 0800 400 100.
  • MSD support for disabled people is available here.
  • Waikato district residents in need of support can call the welfare team on 0800 492 452 for advice.
  • Here To Help U is always available to assist our communities, with access to temporary accommodation, food, wellbeing and other general support.
  • The Rural Support Trust is available to support rural residents who are experiencing or worried about any or personal and/or business-related pressure, whether it stresses related to employment, financial, animal welfare, health and wellbeing challenges and more. They are asking impacted residents in the Waikato district to contact them by Friday 17 February; you can call them on 0800 787 254.

Port Waikato – Waikaretu Road

The construction of a temporary road round the slump is progressing well according to the latest from our roading partners, Waikato District Alliance. 

The slip in the water table and embankment has been removed. 

The slump surface has been made accessible with ramps allowing for the build of a temporary pavement. 

And the team have installed two new culverts.  

All this means that the two-week repair estimated at the start of the work on March 6 is on track. 

Drainage work

Drainage continues to be investigated by WaterCare. Currently 2 of the 3 catchments at Port Waikato have been investigated and drains cleared where required.  

Maunsell Road catchment is still to be assessed and cleared as required.  

Longer-term options around covering some vulnerable open drains and/or reticulating more of the catchments will be investigated in the context of affordability and long-term resilience.