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Past events

Council workshop

Location: Committee Rooms 1 & 2, Ngaruawahia

The following workshop topics will be presented:

Topic: Walking Access New Zealand Strategic Plan

The purpose of this workshop is to inform and update on strategic information. This workshop is to provide background and an external strategy which will assist in LTP discussions.

Due to Covid-19, we are using Zoom to record and live-stream workshops and meetings that are open to the public. These live-streams can be viewed on the Council's YouTube page.


Please note:

Workshops may commence earlier or later than advertised when the workshop follows a formal Council or Committee meeting. For example, workshops are often brought forward if a Committee meeting that precedes it finishes earlier than expected.

Workshops are for staff to seek direction and feedback from elected members – no decisions are made at a workshop.

Members of the public may be asked to leave a workshop if the elected members wish to discuss a matter with the public excluded (e.g. due to commercial sensitive information, or to protect legal privilege).