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Council workshop

Location: Zoom - Audio-Visual Conference, Ngaruawahia

The following workshop topics will be presented:

Topic: Council Prioritisation 

The purpose of this workshop is to help design a prioritisation model for the purpose of prioritising all project work undertaken by the council. 

Due to Covid-19, we are using Zoom to record and live-stream workshops and meetings that are open to the public. These live-streams can be viewed on the Council's YouTube page.

Please note:

Workshops may commence earlier or later than advertised when the workshop follows a formal Council or Committee meeting. For example, workshops are often brought forward if a Committee meeting that precedes it finishes earlier than expected.

Workshops are for staff to seek direction and feedback from elected members – no decisions are made at a workshop.

Members of the public may be asked to leave a workshop if the elected members wish to discuss a matter with the public excluded (e.g. due to commercial sensitive information, or to protect legal privilege).