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Waikato District Plan hearings start today

In an important milestone, hearings have started today for Stage 1 of Waikato District Council’s Proposed District Plan.

Further submissions closed on 16 July and the next step in the process is the hearings. The first week will include opening submissions, legal submissions and an overview of key submissions.

The indicative hearing schedule which sets out the topics and when submitters are to appear can be found by visiting

Hearings give submitters an opportunity to speak to their written submissions, present supporting evidence and respond to any questions from the independent hearings panel.

The independent hearings panel will not make their decisions until they have considered all written submissions and heard from all submitters who wish to speak. The panel will consider all evidence and recommendations from Council staff.

Hearings are open to the public, but only those submitters who indicated that they wish to be heard have speaking rights. The panel directs how the hearing process is run so that it is fair and transparent.


For more information please contact:
Teresa Hancock
Senior Communications & Engagement Advisor
Waikato District Council
027 706 5776