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Water restrictions for Pokeno and Tuakau residents

Water restrictions start for our northern communities this weekend in response to one of the most severe droughts in Auckland’s history.

Auckland Council’s Emergency Committee last week voted unanimously to introduce mandatory water restrictions, which will come into effect across the region from Saturday 16 May.

The restrictions apply to everyone who uses water from the Auckland metropolitan network, including Pokeno and Tuakau.

Waikato district Mayor Allan Sanson is asking our northern communities to roll up their sleeves and pitch in to help our neighbours in Auckland. “We really need Pokeno and Tuakau residents to come together and reduce the amount of water they are using. Through summer we did a good job and were able to remain off water restrictions, but because we’ve only had 36 per cent of our usual rainfall we need to do more.”

There are no restrictions on water for drinking or sanitary use of water in the household, or operations that use water for health, safety, emergency and biosecurity measures.

Watercare’s ‘Stage 1’ restrictions, to be implemented from 16 May, will prohibit the residential use of outdoor hoses and water-blasters.

Restrictions for commercial and non-residential water usage at Stage 1 include banning the use of outdoor hoses or water blasters unless it is for a health, safety, emergency or biosecurity reason; banning commercial car washes unless they use recycled water; and restricting the watering of sports fields, plants or paddocks to those which have an irrigation system fitted with soil moisture or rain sensors.

‘Stage 2’ restrictions will be introduced if Auckland’s water storage levels continue to decline to a level agreed in Watercare’s Metropolitan Drought Management Plan.

Visit Watercare’s website here for more information about the drought and restrictions.


For more information please contact:
Teresa Hancock
Senior Communications & Engagement Advisor
Waikato District Council
027 706 5776