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Raglan youth make music and soundsystem which brings everyone together

Funding from Waikato District Council’s Creative Communities Scheme has resulted in a project that has brought youth together through music.

In February, fifteen 13-18 year olds from Whaingaroa/Raglan took part in The Soundsystem Project's first Aotearoa youth programme, spending a week of after-school sessions collectively creating and recording lyrics, melodies and beats for original songs, accompanying music-video visuals, as well as building and learning to operate a portable 12v soundsystem to share their sounds on.

But no one expected the events of this year and the effects of COVID-19 on the local and global communities. Due to COVID-19, the video premier which was very important to the youth had to be postponed. May’s music month also passed by and the ability to share the magic they created together with the rest of the world was lost. 

But proving you can’t hold these young people back, this month The Soundsystem Project and the Raglan youth group "Ahurei Vibes" are beyond excited to be officially releasing the music video for their debut song Anti Lonely. This song was created and the video shot during the February programme and to support this work, a short documentary was also filmed which talks about the programme and the people involved.

The dynamic youth programme developed by The Soundsystem Project Scotland centres around music bringing everyone together - to learn, collaborate, perform, dance, have fun - with the focal point of empowering youth with creative skills and tools for their self-expression. It draws from the music, technology and design industries and the fosters relationships between youth, local and international mentors, community audiences and supporters.

Brought to the Whaingaroa/Raglan area with help from Waikato District Council’s Creative Communities Scheme, Soundsplash Festival, Solscape Retreat and Rollercoaster Media, the pilot programme was a huge hit with the youth and community alike. The portable 12v soundsystem, built during the programme and featured in the Anti Lonely music video, is now a 'community soundsystem' available for the purposes of community engagement and further youth advocacy initiatives in Whaingaroa.

The Soundsystem Project NZ would love to highlight the Raglan community for being so open, supportive and unique in making this programme launch possible.


Song and music video: "Anti Lonely" by Ahurei Vibes. You will find the documentary here and the music video here.

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