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Further Public Notice of availability of summary of decisions requested on Proposed Waikato District Plan – Stage I relating to Ohinewai rezoning requests

Summary of Ohinewai rezoning submissions 
In response to a request from Ambury Properties Ltd for an early hearing and decision on its submission to the Proposed Waikato District Plan, the Hearings Panel has determined that all submissions requesting zoning changes at Ohinewai will be heard together, under the topic Hearing 19 Ohinewai rezoning and development (“Hearing 19”).
In order to ensure that all parties with an interest in the Ohinewai rezoning requests can participate in Hearing 19, the Hearings Panel has directed that the six original submissions seeking rezoning at Ohinewai be re-notified for further submissions. 
The availability of the summary of the six submissions is being publicly notified in accordance with clause 7 of Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act 1991.
The summary of decisions requested relates to the six following submissions:
• Ambury Properties Limited [764]
• Planning Focus Limited [383]
• Shand Properties Limited [738]
• Ohinewai Land Limited [428]
• Ohinewai Area Committee [793]
• Ribbonwood Family Trust [863]
Any party who has already lodged a further submission on any of the six submissions does not need to re-lodge their further submission. However, they can lodge an addendum to their further submission or a replacement further submission, if they wish.
Closing date for further submissions on Ohinewai rezoning submissions
Further submissions on the above Ohinewai rezoning submissions must be received by Council no later than 5pm on Thursday 7 November 2019.
The summary of decisions requested, and the six original submissions can be inspected at:  
• Council’s consultation page:; 
• Council office in Ngaruawahia (15 Galileo Street), Huntly office and library (142 Main Street), Raglan office and library (7 Bow Street) and Tuakau office (2 Dominion Road) during normal opening hours;
• Council libraries in Ngaruawahia (4 Jesmond Street); Te Kauwhata (1 Main Road,) and Tuakau (72 George Street) during normal opening hours.
Only the following persons may make a further submission in support or opposition to the original submissions:
• Any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest; 
• Any person that has an interest in the Proposed Waikato District Plan – Stage 1 greater than the interest that the general public has; 
• The local authority itself. 
Further submissions must be in writing and include all information contained in Form 6. Any party who has already lodged a further submission on any of the six submissions should also identify whether their new further submission replaces or is an addendum to their original further submission. Further submissions can be made online at Alternatively, the further submission form can be obtained from any of the Waikato District Council offices or libraries listed above or downloaded at 
Further submissions can be lodged at one of the following addresses for service:
Online via:
By post to: Waikato District Council, Private Bag 544, Ngaruawahia 3742
By delivery to: Any of the Waikato District Council offices or libraries listed above.
Any person who lodges a further submission with Council must, within 5 working days of doing so, serve a copy of the further submission on the person(s) who made the original submission(s).  
G J Ion
This notice is given under clause 7 of Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act 1991 on 2019.