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Councillors need time to review all water options presented - Mayor Allan Sanson

Waikato District Council Mayor Allan Sanson says any decision on management of the district’s future water supply is at least 10 to 12 weeks away.

“Today’s presentation (at Karapiro) is the first opportunity Waikato district Councillors have had to read the report on a joint Waikato water study.

“At the time of committing to the joint Waikato water study, Waikato District Council also commissioned a separate piece of work to investigate the possibility of expanding our current arrangements with Watercare Services Ltd. At this stage our project team and Watercare are still working on the details of the final Watercare option and it won’t be shared with our Councillors until later this week. Following confirmation of this option Cranleigh will prepare a report which will enable Councillors to compare the four options of future water management across the district.

“Because of this delay it’s important we allow Councillors time to review both reports and the recommendations. Until we reach this point we won’t be in a position to determine a preferred option.

“The decision to include a fourth option has always been about efficiency for our ratepayers. It ensures we have all options available to consider for the future management of water and we can make a considered, well informed decision on the next step. The report into the possible expansion of our existing Watercare partnership was an additional $55,000 fee paid for by, and specifically for the benefit of, Waikato district. It was a separate piece of work which will be considered by us as part of the larger study."

Mayor Sanson says his Council will be given the report and allowed time to review the information before it is shared with other partner councils and the general public.

“The project scope focused on expanding the current services available through the existing relationship with Watercare to arrive at a model which ensures Council has the ability to tap into Watercare’s extensive expertise and experience. We don’t expect any decisions to be made before July at the earliest.”


• Waikato District Council and Watercare’s existing partnership is a result of our merger with Franklin District Council in 2011.

• Watercare currently supplies bulk water and wastewater services to our north Waikato communities. Current projects include the connection of Pokeno’s water supply to Watercare’s Tuakau water treatment plant which will reduce the ‘brown’ appearance caused by iron and manganese in the current bore supply. This switch is due to occur late May.

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