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Council will indicate preferred option for district’s future water management

Tomorrow’s Extraordinary Infrastructure Committee meeting will be the first opportunity for Waikato District Council to indicate which option it prefers for the district’s future water management.

Last October, Council voted in favour of a joint study with Waipa District and Hamilton City Councils around the future management of water and wastewater services with three options considered. These included improving existing shared service arrangements between all three councils, retaining the status quo with each council running its own operations, or considering a ratepayer-owned and council-controlled water management company (CCO).

Waikato District Council also included a fourth option, investigating the possibility of expanding a current agreement with Auckland Council’s CCO Watercare Services Ltd.

Councillors have received the final report which compares, and ranks, all four options and will nominate their preferred option at Tuesday’s meeting with the recommendation going to full Council before the end of June.

Mayor Allan Sanson says while the project has been a robust exercise, he’s confident the Cranleigh report provides Councillors with a comprehensive report to ensure they make a well-informed decision.

“The Option 4 study was completed utilising the same methodology as the main study to ensure all four options could be assessed on an equitable basis.

“This includes everything from financial, procurement options to the logistics and resourcing of the Status Quo, Enhanced Shared Services, a ratepayer-owned Council Controlled Organisation or expanding our partnership with Watercare.

“Our original decision to request additional information has always been about efficiency and will help us determine the most appropriate way forward.

“At this stage, we’re focusing on this Council making our decision and then discussing the next step, whatever that may be, with the Partner Councils.” 

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