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Public Places Bylaw - Are the rules right for you?

Parking time limits and the use of legal highs are just some of the issues Council wants the community to provide feedback on in their proposed Public Places Bylaw.

After seeking input from Councillors and Community Board members, Waikato District Council is proposing the following changes to the bylaw:

  • Huntly – an increase in parking time limits on parts of Main Road and Station Place.
  • Raglan - the removal of one boat trailer park to make four new car parks at the wharf.
  • Ngaruawahia – proposed 120 minute time limits to car parks on one side of Martin Street.

Sue Duignan, General Manager Customer Support, says feedback is important because parking affects everyone. “Parking is an ongoing debate in our communities, we need to hear from everyone to ensure we’re making informed choices. Whether you agree or disagree - tell us so we can make the right decision for your town.”

Council has also proposed a ban on consuming, or distributing, any mind-altering substances in public places.

“We want to protect our communities, keep residents safe and minimise offensive behaviour in public places. We need your feedback to support this ban” explained Ms Duignan.

Other areas up for discussion are roadside mobile traders such as coffee carts and fruit and vege stalls and the use of skateboards, roller skates and bikes.

From 28 October, you can visit or any Council office or library to view the statement of proposal, proposed bylaw and the submission from.

Tell us what you think about what we’re proposing from 28 October – 30 November. Make a submission by:

  • entering it online
  • emailing your completed submission form
  • posting it to Waikato District Council, 15 Galileo Street, Ngaruawahia 3720
  • faxing it to (07) 824 8091
  • delivering it to any Council Office or library.

For more information please contact:

Nicole Nooyen
Communications Advisor
Waikato District Council
07 824 8633 Extn: 5649
027 889 3084