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Water alert level 1 triggered ahead of long hot summer

Water restrictions are now in place following an increase in water use and expectations of the driest summer for decades.

Hamilton, Waikato and Waipa have all moved to Water Alert Level 1 – sprinklers between 6am-8am and 6pm-8pm, hand held hosing at any time.

Representatives from Hamilton City Council and Waikato and Waipa District Councils have been meeting to discuss action plans for summer under the combined Smart Water initiative.

Smart Water Co-ordinator Sally Fraser explains, there are a lot of factors to consider before water alert levels can be put in place.

“We closely monitor water use, weather predictions and trends from previous summers to guide how we manage water.”
Water usage has seen a significant peak across the council regions and current weather predictions suggest one of the most significant El Nino climate patterns seen since 1950.

Sally’s asking everyone to prepare for a long, dry summer and to be smart with their water use.

“Water conservation is always important, but this summer could mean some special challenges. Everybody can make some small changes to their water usage that can save a lot of water each day.  Together that makes a massive difference across the region.”

An e-newsletter alert is now available at for everyone to subscribe and receive water alert notifications direct to their inbox. Subscribers also go in the draw for monthly prizes!

“There’s enough water for everyone if everyone plays their part.”
The Smart Water Starts with You! sub-regional summer campaign aims to make long-term change to how we use water and is a joint venture between Hamilton City Council, Waikato District Council and Waipa District Council.

About the Water Alert level system:

The Water Alert Levels and their corresponding requirements are a way to use water in a sustainable manner and ensure consistent supply throughout summer. The water alert level system consists of four alert levels and matching requirements.

The restrictions for Water Alert Level 1 and 2 do not apply to commercial/non-residential properties. 

Water Alert Level 1
Use sprinkler systems between 6am – 8am and 6pm – 8pm
Hand-held hosing can be used anytime
Water Alert Level 2
Use sprinkler systems on alternate days between
6am – 8am and 6pm – 8pm
Hand-held hosing can be used anytime
Water Alert Level 3
No use of sprinklers.
Hand-held hosing only
Water Alert Level 4
No use of outside water systems

For more information contact:
Nigel Ward
Communications Advisor | Hamilton City Council
Ph: 07 838 6666 or 021 273 4997| Email:
Narelle Barrowcliffe
Senior Communications Advisor | Waikato District Council
Ph: 07 824 8633 extn 5649 | Email: