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Zero tolerance for anti-social behaviour

'Respect our staff’ is what Waikato District Council are asking customers to do when they visit one of their libraries or council offices.

This week the Waikato District Council launched a Zero Tolerance campaign in response to anti-social behaviour experienced at their sites over the past year.

“We’re taking a stand not just for ourselves, but also for our valued customers,” said Sue Duignan, Waikato District Council, Customer Support General Manager.

“While the majority of our customers are polite and courteous, there are some individuals who take out their frustrations on staff.

“We’re asking customers to stop and think about their behaviour. Libraries are an important facility and an integral part of the local community. Everyone should feel welcome and safe in our libraries,” Ms Duignan said.

The campaign will include a series of posters being displayed in all libraries and council offices highlighting the ‘Respect you, respect me’ theme. 

‘Words are still weapons. We’re not your target’ is one of the campaign’s messages.

The Waikato Police fully support the Zero Tolerance campaign.

Anyone displaying anti-social behaviour will be asked to leave the library or council office, and if necessary the Police will be called and the individual/group may be trespassed and prosecuted.

Anti-social behaviour includes yelling, violence, theft, intimidation, weapons, threats, harassment, aggression, swearing, spitting, damage, abuse and sexual harassment.

For more information please contact:

Narelle Barrowcliffe
Senior Communications Advisor
Waikato District Council
07 824 8633 Extn: 5649
027 836 2401