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Drivers urged to drive fresh

Drivers were encouraged to ‘Drive Fresh’ when they visited the driver fatigue stop in Huntly today.

Over 550 motorists learnt about the danger of driving fatigue at a Waikato District Council -led driver fatigue stop on State Highway 1.
“Driving while tired is a recipe for disaster” said Waikato District Road Safety Co-ordinator, Megan Jolly.
“Many people are quick to think of speed and alcohol as key road safety issues, but fatigue is also a killer on our roads.
“In the last five years, there have been 47 deaths and 141 serious injuries in the Waikato region where fatigue has been a factor.
“Overseas research suggests that up to 25 per cent of all fatal crashes could be fatigue related,” Ms Jolly said. 
Motorists who visited the Huntly fatigue stop were given a driver fatigue information pack. They were also provided with tips and strategies on how to drive fresh, including ‘catch up on lost sleep’ before setting out on holiday, have frequent breaks when driving long distances, swap drivers, or stop for a powernap (10-20 minutes).
Key signs of driver fatigue are blinking frequently, constant yawning, wandering over the centre line or road edge, wandering thoughts and not remembering driving the last few kilometres.
The Huntly fatigue stop was supported by the Police, NZ Transport Agency, St John and the Huntly Friendship House . 
For more information please contact:
Narelle Barrowcliffe
Senior Communications Advisor
Waikato District Council
07 824 8633 Extn: 5649
027 836 2401