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Flying flags in communities

Both the current and proposed alternate Kyle Lockwood-designed silver fern flags are flying outside Waikato District Council’s Ngaruawahia office.

They are on display as part of the nationwide Flag Consideration Project and in the lead up to the final referendum on the New Zealand flag which takes place in March.

District Council Chief Executive, Gavin Ion says the Council does not have a view on the issue but flying the flags is an important part of the overall democratic process for the general public.

“Up until now the proposed options have been largely paper-based and one-dimensional for the public.  Flying the flags means members of our communities can see them and make an informed choice on New Zealand’s flag in the March referendum.”

Members of the public are asked to give feedback on the flags which will fly at Ngaruawahia, and at other registered sites, through to the second flag referendum which takes place between 3 and 24 March.

More information on registered sites, giving feedback and voting for New Zealand’s flag has been provided by the Flag Consideration Panel.

The flag that gets the most votes in the 3 – 24 March voting period will be New Zealand’s official flag.