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Surfboard connection to Raglan’s newest asset

Marine Parade Raglan

Who knew Raglan’s connection to surfing would continue with its latest asset - two wastewater storage tanks.

Installation of the two wastewater storage tanks on Marine Parade will begin on February 15 and will take up to eight weeks for the work to be completed.

Installation of the tanks requires a hole approximately four meters deep be dug. Due to the high water table and sand ground conditions, sheet piles will be installed to allow safe installation of the tanks.

This will take a considerable amount of time and effort and is reliant on good weather to proceed.  At the same time, Council will be installing new odour control systems to connect into the new tanks and the existing system to make sure they don’t impact on the surrounding areas.

The total construction cost for the tanks is $289,000. The tanks will be able to hold 100,000L, which will ensure that the site provides storage for six hours of average dry weather flow.

Wastewater overflows in Raglan have been a significant concern to Council over recent years and part of the plans to mitigate the issue is the new tanks. The tanks, along with a number of other works undertaken in Raglan over the last few years, will greatly reduce the risk of wastewater overflows. Whilst overflows can never be completely ruled out, the risk can be managed to a very low level.

“Waikato District Council aims to protect the Raglan Harbour as a critical asset. The new Maskell wastewater tanks will certainly help us do this,” General Manager Service Delivery Tim Harty said.

Although there have been some delays in getting this work started, with an archaeology assessment and permission from Heritage New Zealand needed, along with consents from regional and district Councils, the contract works will start within the construction season as required.  

A portion of Nihinihi Ave will be closed for two months, from February 15 through to April 15, while this development takes place, although residents will still have access to their driveways.

As with any contract, if there is wet or inclement weather, the construction period will likely be extended.

For more information please contact:

Teresa Hattan
Communications Advisor
Waikato District Council
07 824 8633 Extn: 5649
027 889 3084