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New recycling crates ready for delivery

Brand new recycling crates will be delivered to Waikato district households later this month onwards as part of the new refuse and recycling services.

The new 55L teal blue recycling crates are being introduced as part of a range of measures to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill in the Waikato district.

From July 1, a user-pays system will be introduced requiring residents to purchase pre-paid stickers for their refuse bags and in Tuakau pre-paid wheelie bin tags prior to collection. Raglan will continue with their pre-paid refuse bags. Waikato District Council General Manager Service Delivery, Tim Harty, says the overall aim is to encourage people to recycle more items, more often.

“We hope these new recycling crates will help people reduce the amount of waste they throw away each week. A guide will accompany each crate to explain the upcoming changes and to help people identify which items can actually be recycled.”

Over 25,000 new crates will be delivered from Friday 27 May onwards. Delivery of the new crates will be completed by the end of June. People are encouraged to hold onto, and continue using; their old recycling crates.

“Each household that already receives a recycling collection will be given an additional crate.  Residents in the north of the district who haven’t received a recycling collection before but receive a kerbside service will receive two crates,” Harty says.

“An astounding 64 per cent of waste currently sent to landfill in the Waikato doesn’t need to be there and could be put to better use,” Harty explains.

“Approximately 22 per cent of that is recyclable. Waikato District Council is committed to improving our recycling rates, working towards our zero waste targets and delivering these new crates is the first step towards achieving that goal.”

Quick Facts:

  • 37% of the refuse sent to landfill in the Waikato district is currently kitchen waste
  • 36% is organic/compostable waste
  • 22% is items that are recyclable through the Council recycling service

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